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    Exhibition Service

    Exhibitions are a great way to interest people, introduce new products to vendors and the public and create a buzz about the latest technological advances in all types of machinery both for

    1. Detailed information

    Exhibitions are a great way to interest people, introduce new products to vendors and the public and create a buzz about the latest technological advances in all types of machinery both for personal use and business. Exhibition are extremely popular and useful, but they take a lot of work and can be a logistics nightmare without a professional logistics service to help you transport and set and up your exhibitions.

    We here at Ding Xin Logistics Service has spent the last 12 years providing experienced logistic services to both Foreign and Chinese companies wishing to exhibit both in and outside of china. We provide services to the following:

    ·         Foreign companies who are exhibiting in China

    ·         Chinese companies who are holding exhibitions abroad

    ·         Companies who are touring exhibitions throughout China

    We provide a full logistic service to our customers leaving nothing to chance, so your exhibition can go off on time without a hitch. Our services include packing and crating exhibition items. Short term warehouse storage prior and after the exhibition. Transportation to the exhibition site for the exhibition and transportation after completion of the exhibition. Here is a look at how our exhibition service works.


    Getting the Exhibition and Customer Details

    When you initially call us about our exhibition services we immediately get all the necessary exhibition and customer details including:

    ·         Exhibition date and time

    ·         Exhibition location

    ·         Time the exhibition can start to be set up

    ·         Your or your companies name and contact information

    ·         Whether you want the exhibition materials shipped by air or water

    ·         Time and date of the arrival of the exhibition items and whether or not you need them to stored prior and after the exhibition and for what length of time.

    Transportation Confirmation

    Just prior to shipping of your exhibition goods we will contact you and confirm the method and manner of transportation for every item for each of our customers to ensure that we have accurate shipping information.

    Collection of Cargo

    Once your cargo is ready, we will be there to collect and mark it and package it into one container for transportation.

    Customs Clearance

    We will also insure that your items clear customs and immediately notify you if there are problems you need to be aware of.

    International Transportation

    Once your items have cleared customs then we internationally transport them either by air or ocean according to your designated wishes.

    Destination Custom Clearance

    Once your container or package arrives at its destination we will be there to ensure that it clears through customs at its destination.

    Sending Cargo to Exhibition Location

    Once your cargo arrives at its destination and clears customs we will either transport your cargo to our warehouse for temporary storage or send it immediately to the exhibition location.

    After the exhibition

    Once the exhibition has ended we will return to the exhibition location and collect your cargo for your, making sure that all items are packed safely for their next trip.

    Custom Clearance for the Return Journey

    Once your exhibition is all packed up and ready to go we will handle the custom clearances needed for your items return journey or to be shipped to the next location.

    Sending Your Exhibition Cargo on It's Way

    Once your cargo has cleared customs we will again ship your cargo by air or ocean either to the new exhibition location or to the home address you provided.

    If you have any questions about our exhibition logistic services please feel free to contact us to find out more about our services or get estimate of the cost of our services.