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    Household Moving

    If you are planning to move to or from China or simply looking for a professional moving company then Ding Xin Logistics is the right company for you. Our company has access to the largest moving

    1. Detailed information

    If you are planning to move to or from China or simply looking for a professional moving company then Ding Xin Logistics is the right company for you. Our company has access to the largest moving network in the world, which means that we can provide you with the service you need whether you plan on moving down the block or around the world.

    International Moves

    If you think moving to a new city is difficult then moving to a different country can be a logistical nightmare. There are several rules and regulations that must be followed when exiting one country and more rules and regulations to be followed when entering another county.

    Having proper documentation for shipping those household goods is essential to getting those goods transported from one country to another if you don't want to find that you have to leave your goods sitting in some shipping warehouse.

    However, there is no need to panic or be concerned because Ding Xin Logistics can help to make that international move simple and relatively easy, even if this is your first time moving to a new country. There are not so many international companies that can provide business and hose moving in China, so do the right thing and take advantage of our logistic offer. Get in contact with us or by calling us at +86 18611250168 

    Our professional staff is experienced in the logistics of global moves and we can offer you a reliable and cost effective solution to meet your international moving needs. Our complete moving service includes:

    ·         We take care of everything including all the logistics and documentation

    ·         Door to door delivery on your goods

    ·         Wrapping and packing your household goods for transportation

    ·         Loading those goods onto a pallet and making sure everything has a proper label and other related services.

    ·         We can even help you unpack your household items once you reach your destination.

    We do our best to contact only the most reliable and safest international carriers and choose the most direct route to your destination. We also do our very best to keep our prices competitive and provide you the highest quality service available.

    Domestic Moving

    Ding Xin doesn't just provide international moving services, we provide our customers with comprehensive domestic moving services as well. At Ding Xin's we understand that every moving situation is unique, so we provide our customers with solutions to meet every individual budgetary restriction and schedule.

    For a tailored moving service contact our domestic moving team for a free estimate or to schedule your move.

    Office Moving

    Moving your office from one location to another can result in confusion and loss of earnings while all of that office equipment is being transported from one location to another and then re-set up in the new office. We here at Ding Xin logistics is dedicated to providing you with a the very best office moving service with as little downtime as possible because we know time is money. Our services include:

    ·         Commercial relocation

    ·         Relocation and set up of IT equipment

    ·         Decommissioning and recommissioning of equipment

    ·         Project management service standard on all moves

    ·         Archive storage and Library relocation

    ·         Porterage services by the day, week or month as needed

    ·         Expert packing and sequential filing

    ·         Crate management

    We also see to waste disposal. Ding Xin Logistics is certified by the Department of the Environment for disposal of all waste including:

    ·         Obsolete furniture and office equipment

    ·         IT equipment which is considered to be hazardous waste.

    With our moving service you will actually save money because you will have downtime and we will have your new office up and running in no time at all.